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Limited Liability Company

Alexander Yarkov
Логотип Post Box 40, 35, Torfyanaya st.,
Nizhny Novgorod, 603037, Russia
Phone: 8312 255432, 255199
Fax 8312 257831
E-mail: toir@r52.ru; toir-service@mail.ru

Company Profile

TOIR-Service Company has been set up on the base of its parent enterprise TOIR and specializes in the delivery, repair and maintenance of luffing cranes.

Main services:

— delivery of truck cranes (produced by Galich and Klinets truck cranes plants);
— repair and maintenance of load-lifting equipment (warranty and post-warranty repair), including repair of critical metal parts of cranes with the use of electric welding;
— supply of multifunctional instruments Barrier- 1M, OHK-140, OHK-160 (produced by Arzamas Instrument Plant) to mount on old load-lifting machines; — start-and-adjustment work on security instruments and protection systems of luffing cranes;
— all kinds of hydraulic works;
— supply of spare parts for load-lifting machines;
— major repairs of internal combustion engines;
— transportation of heavy equipment, including off-clearance loads;
— assembly and dismantling of tower cranes, gantry cranes and crane runways;
— operation of truck cranes.

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